Fairholme was built in 1885 by Edward R. Street and Mary Grinter Street. The House has been in the family since 1885 except for a 14-year period in the 1970s and 1980s.  John L. Street, Jr. served in World War II, graduated from Vanderbilt University, went to New York City and worked in the banking business. He became President of Trigg County Farmers Bank, bought this house in 1984 and restored it to the Victorian state.


Fairholme is an exceptional venue for Weddings, Parties, Receptions, Meetings and Reunions. You will be able to have a memorable experience in the rich history-filled and beautiful Fairholme in Cadiz.

Romantic setting in the back yard with the Gazebo and garden.

John L. Street Jr. bought the house in 1984 and restored it to the Victorian period and named it Fairholme.

This home is filled with treasures from around the world and other antiques.